4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Miss BIO2018

BIO2018 takes place on Wednesday, May 23rd at The King’s Centre and whilst we believe that there are countless opportunities why you should attend BIO2018, we’ve managed to narrow it down to four key reasons:

1. Get expert insight to help boost your business

Our speakers are proven business leaders, strategists, practitioners and experts. Many of them are well respected in the Oxfordshire business community and beyond, who understand what you need to know. You’ll get a solid grounding in tried-and-true business fundamentals and unique insight into the innovative new practices that will help boost your business your growth.

2. Build your intellectual capital and add value to your organisation.

No matter how long you’ve been in business or what position you hold at your company, chances are there is still something you can learn. Trends, new strategies, and innovations in technology happen all the time; BIO2018 is an educational opportunity that provides you with the full range of up-to-date knowledge that you can apply immediately.

3. Meet with potential partners & leading suppliers

Our exhibitors are leading industry experts and solution-providers that are happy to answer your questions. Invest time in the BIO2018 Exhibition Hall to discover innovative products and services that will enable you to stay competitive in today’s business world.

4. Build your professional network through great networking opportunities

Let’s be honest, BIO2018 will be packed full of learning & opportunities in a relatively short period of time. But there will also be time to relax, indulge in some experiential networking and get to know your peers, from whom you can hear fresh ideas, collaborate and validate or give you new perspectives on a particular business challenge. Learn from others and be inspired to implement something similar in your business.