Lindsay Willott, CEO, Customer Thermometer

Lindsay Willott:
Customer Thermometer

I’m the founder of 1-click satisfaction app, Customer Thermometer.

We help businesses get customer feedback in a fresh, simple and fast way that isn’t a burden on customers’ time. We work for major brands across the world including Glossier, CatBird, Dollar Shave Club, RE/MAX, BT, Leica, Reed, Red Cross and Songkick.

I also currently advise the boards of a number of fast-growth marketing and tech companies. Prior to this, I was co-founder and Chairman of one of the top 20 B2B marketing agencies, before selling the business in 2010. I started my career at enterprise CRM software vendor AIT Group, where I ran Global Marketing Communications.


Presentation Title:

5 myths of starting a business

 Lindsay has founded two successful businesses, a tech marketing agency, The Marketing Practice, and customer survey software provider, Customer Thermometer. In this talk she will describe the lessons learned, and share foundation 5 myths she’s discovered.

About Customer Thermometer

Customer Thermometer is a market leader in feedback solutions; its 1click email feedback solution is helping the world’s most customer obsessed businesses get quick and accurate feedback from their customers in just seconds. This innovative approach to surveying is revolutionizing the feedback sector and has resulted in response rates of 70+%.

As Customer Thermometer partners with helpdesks, CRM and Professional Services Automation providers, including Salesforce, Zendesk, ServiceNow and ConnectWise, its surveys can be delivered through email inboxes, which makes them easy to send and complete. Customer Thermometer gives businesses an opportunity to get traffic-light feedback from every customer interaction, which helps them identify issues and maximize retention – with 120 billion business emails being sent every year, the market is huge.

Customer Thermometer has over 1,500 customers across 60+ countries. Its customers range from startups to the biggest brands in the world, including Fortune 500 and FTSE100 companies and brands such as ParentPay, Lands End, Dollar Shave Club, Glossier, Catbird and Leica.

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