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Jayne Woodley:
Oxfordshire Community Foundation

After studying Russian at Nottingham University, Jayne embarked on a corporate career in business development and marketing, before joining OCF in 2010. After 22 successful years, her decision to swap Barclays Capital for social capital was motivated by a growing personal desire for greater social justice, and an awareness of the evolving role of philanthropy.


Presentation Title:

Oxfordshire Uncovered

Despite the best efforts of the thousands of local charities and their generous supporters, Jayne Woodley CEO, Oxfordshire Community Foundation will uncover a reality that remains in stark contrast to the perception and stereotype of Oxfordshire as a global brand and thriving economy.
With recent case studies, she will share her aspirations for how we might find ways to pool our resources and to focus our collective efforts on working together more collaboratively to solve social problems like homelessness.

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