Renee Watson

Renee Watson:
The Curiosity Box

I’m on a mission to give 1 million children a wonder-filled experience of science. From the age of 6, I became driven to explore the world through the lens of science. While studying Biochemistry I worked in a mortuary assisting with autopsies and setting up a museum of body parts. Since then I’ve helped set up a malaria and cancer research network; founded WATS.ON, which helps scientific societies to grow and have broad social impact; and founded The Curiosity Box, the UK’s first STEM subscription Box for families and STEM Day in a Box for schools.

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Money isn\’t enough

Moving from start-up to scale-up is painful. One of the most rewarding aspects is building the team you need to help realise your vision, but this can also be the hardest. What can you do when you have limited resources, are too small to accommodate inefficiency and want to retain the culture you have nurtured? How do you find and retain the best people? I will share my experience of: building a team that is diverse, motivated and agile; creating The Value Equation a personalised reward package that goes beyond money; and finding talent in unusual places with a total recruitment bill of £4.00.


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