Sharon Parker Lines

Sharon Parker-Lines:
Oxford Innovation

Having spent the majority of her career to date in publishing, and the last nine as Chief Operating Officer for a global company, Sharon took the decision to focus on her passion for business incubation and innovation. Moving to work for Oxford Innovation was a perfect fit. Focusing on the core aims, to create unique spaces, helping companies to start and grow, offering business support and creating collaborative networks and vibrant communities. Sharon can be found at Harwell Innovation Centre where she is currently living the dream!


Presentation Title:

Good to grow – Managing your comoany culture through periods of change

Culture is defined as the character and personality of your organisation. It is what makes your organisation unique, and it is the sum of it’s values, traditions, beliefs, interactions, behaviours and attitudes. The very biggest mistake  is a complete failure to craft a culture. You wouldn’t dream of leaving any other aspect of your business to chance, so why would you chance it with your company culture?

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