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Mike Jennings:

Whatever your journey in business, we’ll make you feel right at home. Individual service and a community that’s like a family, allowing you to simply be yourself and fly. You focus on your business and we’ll sort the rest – whether that’s an office, business unit, meeting room or event – talk to us, we’re always here to help and raise a smile.

Honesty, openness and trust are values that underpin everything we do. Whether working with businesses, local charities, community groups or our environment, we are committed to making lives better and having fun along the way.


Presentation Title:

Humans Are Not Resources – How growth comes from Trust

As part of a lecture series entitled Humans are not Resources, for this talk Mike will be focussing in on Trust.
Mike will talk about the importance of trust when developing an exceptionally motivated, caring, welcoming and happy team.
Taking examples from his own experiences in running his family property business he will be explaining how a happy and motivated team are essential in building a growth enabled, resilient business.

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