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Kellie Peters:
Databasix UK Ltd

Kellie is passionate about all things data, in particular working with individuals and business to get the most from their customer/client data. She feels incredibly strongly that handling personal data is a privilege, not a right, she can talk to you for hours about this.

She loves delivering practical and fun training sessions, workshops and presentations on Data Protection!

Kellie is the self proclaimed Data Rockstar and co-founder of Databasix UK.

Presentation Title:

A year on from GDPR – Has anything really changed?

12-months ago your email accounts were being bombarded with consent emails and updated privacy notices. To many SME business owners the GDPR was considered the next Y2K, and even considered a tick box exercise. Using real life examples, I will talk through 5 lessons that we can all learn from the GDPR coming into force.


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