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Jon Ellard:
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Jon Ellard is a results-driven digital marketing consultant who isn’t afraid to tell owner managers that they’re getting it wrong. For example, he once asked a room full of managing directors if their staff were onboard with their social media plan. With a room full of resounding yeses, he then played the phone conversations he had with their front of house team members – needless to say that 75% of the staff spoken to didn’t even know what channels the business was on, let alone what content was being shared.

Jon is a co-owner of Urban Element and spent 15 years as a Managing Director, where he was responsible for the marketing, sales, and financial side of the business. Prior to this he ran his own direct marketing company – Ellard Marketing Ltd, and previously spent 4 years as Marketing Manager for a Management Consultancy in Gloucestershire.

Jon’s wealth of experience has allowed him to build a strong industry knowledge and gain a reputation for identifying and solving businesses’ digital marketing issues and delivering real results.


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Why do businesses get digital marketing so wrong? 

I constantly meet talented business people with great products or services but when it come’s down to Websites, Search and Social Media the majority are useless. During my 10 minutes I will explore the top five reasons why businesses get it so wrong and what they can start doing to rectify it. With 15 year’s experience in digital marketing and over 250 projects under my belt I have seen the good, bad and the damn ugly.

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