Jon Ellard

Jon Ellard:
Ellard Outloud

Jon Ellard is a results-driven digital marketing consultant who isn’t afraid to tell owner managers that they’re getting it wrong. For example, he once asked a room full of managing directors if their staff were onboard with their social media plan. With a room full of resounding yeses, he then played the phone conversations he had with their front of house team members – needless to say that 75% of the staff spoken to didn’t even know what channels the business was on, let alone what content was being shared.

Jon is a co-owner of Urban Element and spent 15 years as a Managing Director, where he was responsible for the marketing, sales, and financial side of the business. Prior to this he ran his own direct marketing company – Ellard Marketing Ltd, and previously spent 4 years as Marketing Manager for a Management Consultancy in Gloucestershire.

Jon’s wealth of experience has allowed him to build a strong industry knowledge and gain a reputation for identifying and solving businesses’ digital marketing issues and delivering real results.


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