Oxford Brookes University

One of Oxfordshire’s leading centres of education and research

Oxford Brookes University is one of the leading centres of education and research in Oxfordshire and the Thames Valley. Recruiting from across the UK and internationally, it is instrumental in developing a well-educated workforce to cope with tomorrow’s challenges. Through collaborations with business and other institutions it provides the research and expertise needed to drive economic growth and social progress.

“Innovation and skills development are key to taking enterprises to the next level, and responding to the challenges in our economy. Oxford Brookes is proud to be at the heart of efforts to drive commercialisation of the research on which innovation depends, and to provide skilled and business-ready students and graduates to support the business community.” – David Hartley, Commercial and Knowledge Exchange Director, Oxford Brookes University

Giles Orr, Head of CPD, Consultancy & Training at Oxford Brookes University will be presenting “Higher Apprenticeship: New Opportunities” at BIO2018.

Giles recently joined Brookes after a long career in the vocational and professional training sectors. He is passionate about developing and nurturing the talents of disadvantaged young people, and has been at the forefront of apprentice developments over recent years.

Giles’ presentation will be an exploration of how the new Apprentice Standards and Levy can enhance employer training programmes and make their investment in young people go further. Using an interactive approach, Giles will bring to life the opportunities available to both levy and non-levy paying organisations.

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