Patti McCarthy

Learning strategies for bridging cultural gaps with Patti McCarthy

Director of Cultural Chemistry, Patti McCarthy, will be presenting at BIO2018. Patti McCarthy is a business coach who helps expatriates and managers to have more positive cross-cultural encounters. She is an author, speaker & regular media guest.

Patti will be discussing How is a foreigner like a mobile phone? – Simple strategies for bridging cultural gaps. Are you sure that what you say is always what is heard? Communicating cross-culturally frequently leads to ‘wrong numbers’ and ‘missed calls’. Grow your employee engagement, improve your communication and strengthen your connectivity by learning some quick strategies for bridging cultural gaps.

“BIO2018 is all about making meaningful connections. I’m looking forward to making many new ones and am excited to be able to contribute!”
Patti McCarthy, Director, Cultural Chemistry

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